In a communication with Morgan car forum, Talk Morgan, on April 16th 2009, Mr. Charles Morgan revealed some new tantalising details about the new limited edition Morgan. Based on the Aeromax, the Aeromax 2 (or Aeromax Super Sport as some are speculating it will be called) will be latest model from the artisans at the Morgan factory in Malvern Link.  Mr. Morgan had the following to say: -

“…the car will be at Villa d’Este next week (24th – 26th of April 2009) so all our fans¬†have not got too long to wait!

The new car is without doubt the most beautiful Morgan ever built.

I also like the new aerodynamics of the GT3 car very much but the production car is so much more elegant. Is that a bit of a giveaway?”

More to follow as this story develops!