Morgan 4/4 SportThe latest official photos of the Morgan 4/4 Sports have been added to Talk Morgan. The baby of the Morgan Sport series looks stunning in the Sports Grey paint and sporting the Saddle Brown leather interior; however, what is perhaps as impressive are the Morgans environmental, aka green, credentials.

In a study conducted by by Paul Nieuwenhuis & Peter Wells on behalf of Cardiff University, that measured carbon dioxide output, toxic emissions, and the consumption of raw energy and resources during production, based on the Environmental Rating for Vehicles (ERV),  the Morgan sports car ranked near the top of the heap, surpassed only by the Smart Car. On a scale of two to 60, the Morgan 4/4 was given 24 points which is the same as a Toyota Prius.

“The low weight helps Morgan cars achieve relatively low fuel consumption and as a result relatively low levels of toxic emissions (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, NOx and particulates) and CO2 emissions (164g/km for the 4/4 1800 – which is around the EU average for all cars),” quoted from “Why Morgans are Green” by Paul Nieuwenhuis & Peter Wells

You can read the full report on the Morgan Motor Company web site and it really is a worthy read. What a wonderful thought that you can motor past a Toyota Prius in the knowledge that your quintessentially British sports car is less harmful to the environment.