2012 Morgan Plus 8One of the team behind Talk Morgan, Brian Voakes, had the chance to drive prototype 2012 new Morgan +8 in September 2011; which is believed to be the first time a member outside the MMC team has been offered a drive of the new V8 engined traditional Morgan. As an owner who has had the keys of many Morgans pass through his hands and done many miles behind the wheels of both traditional and Aero Morgan, Brian was well placed to comment on how this exciting model is shaping up. With praise such as, “(the new Morgan Plus 8 is) really well planted and also very light and without the same slight roll-oversteer you get with most post Series I Aero’s, but there is now doubt that it is fast and there is certainly nothing much wrong with the set-up straight out of the box” you can tell this car has left a positive impression on one stalwart Morgan owner. The rest of the story and photographs of the development Morgan +8+ can be found on Talk Morgan.